My Students

I proudly present the successes of my students. This is the best reference I have.

1995 Samuel Shrank won the 1st place at NYC Primary and Elementary Chess Championship
1995 Samuel Shrank won the 5th place at the Nationals-Primary section und 1000
1996 Dalton School chess team won 2nd place at the Nationals[K-3]. My student Jay Kilachand had 5 points out of 7 games.
1997 Eric Dodds with Collegiate school won the 1st place at the NYC Primary School Champhionship

Jay Kilachand [5 out of 7] and Joshua Weinstein [5 out of 7] won the 1st place at US National Grade Championship.

Jay Kilachand won the 1st place at the Nationals [K-5 section und 1200] Dalton team won 4th pace [my students were Jay Kilachand, Joshua Weinstein, Samuel Shrank, a David Bayowitz].  
1998 Michael Kengmana won 3 out of 5 [K-1], Devorah Kengmana won 3 out of 5 [2-3], Jonathan Kim won 1st place unr with 3 out of 5 [K-1] at the NYC Champhionship. Joshua Weinstein won 6 out of 7 and Jay Kilachand 5 out of 7 at the Nationals.
1999 Michael Kengmana won 1st place at the Greater NYC Championship with 7 points out of 7 games].
2002 Aaron Shain won 1st places at many Scholastic Chess Tournaments in NYC.
2004 Christopher Vazan won 2nd place unr at the Nationals with 4 out of 7 [26th place overall].
2005 Joshua Slifka won 1st place at the NY State Scholastic championship [K-1] with 6 points out of 6 games.
2007 Christopher Vazan won 5 out of 7 [26th place]-4th graders and Myles Wolf won 2nd place for unrated players-3rd graders at the National. Christopher Vazan won 9 times 1st place at the NYC Scholastic Tournaments. Myles Wolf made 5 great results out of 6 tournaments having 3 times 3 points, and once 3,5 and 4 points.

NYC tournaments: Granville Kaynor was 2 times 1st and 2 times 2nd.

Gardener Crary won once 1st place and 3 times had 3 points out of 4 games.

Andrew Zhu won once 1st place, 2 times he had 3 out of 4, and 2 times 2,5 out of 4 games.