Benefits of Playing Chess

Chess influences the development of one's personality, helps intellectual, emotional and social growth. The most important benefits of chess are:

Chess playing kids do better at school and have better chance to succeed in life. Children involved in chess programs earn higher grades in mathematics and English, and have greater overall success in school.

All of us too often see children spending endless hours, every day, attached to computer games. Are they drop in school performance, emotional and behavioral problems, hyperactivity, social isolation, too obvious to ignore and just hope it will be all fine just as time pass by? Latest studies have shown that computer games lead to a mental addiction, which is deeply disturbing.

How do we break the vicious circle and offer a young person some true quality time, rather than hours hooked on computer games? This sort of addiction can lead them to creating their own virtual world, loosing touch with reality, and building a system of values you are certainly worried about.

Among many different options such as sports, arts and hobbies, chess could be an excellent creative play time for our kids. There are numerous studies which show that chess has great benefits for kids. This ancient game is about expressing the art of thinking. Players don’t have to be chess masters or genius to enjoy the game and have great benefits out of it.  On the contrary, players are even children of the age of four, or very experienced and the elderly, with serious academic difficulties, or excellent students.

Benefits of Chess for Kids

Benefits of playing chess are countless, as an art of thinking and strategy, it enhances imagination and creativity. It develops logical and analytical thinking, therefore helping kids in math and reading. Generating numerous variations in their minds, kids better approach and understand science problems and technology. Organizing information and planning ahead moves on the board, can be easily applied in everyday school work and life. They learn from mistakes and how to calm themselves. By making their own decisions and in pursue of best move, they learn independence and how to be responsible for their own decisions. Playing chess, kids practice patience and sharpen their concentration.

It is rewarding for kids when they see that their hard work and persistence makes them better players. By playing chess, kids have an opportunity to socialize with interesting people, to build friendships, to accept both victories and defeats with grace and honor.

Chess is not just an endless fun because no game ever repeats itself, but it’s also both inexpensive and very rewarding. You just need some enthusiasm, a set of 32 figures and a board with 64 fields.

So, be sure to check out chess lessons and enroll your child today!